Our conservation strategy


We implement voluntary actions for the preservation, restoration and sustainable use of wildlife, fauna and flora. Reducing the threat to ecosystems and species.


We help conserve plants and trees to combat climate change by caring for the soil and environment. This prevents damage and loss of trees and helps maintain carbon stores in them and in the soil, absorbing carbon dioxide and reducing climate change.


We encourage the implementation of actions to save and reduce the impact on water resources through reduction measures, responsible consumption and efficient use of water.

Our Projects

Our Allies

In collaboration with our partners, we transform our intentions into innovative actions to combat climate change, protect biodiversity and ensure the sustainable use of water.

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Impacto cobeneficios

The economic benefits have been transferred during the periods of 2021, 2022, and 2023, in the amount of $10.138.318.882,20 COP for the implementation of activities to prevent deforestation and transformation of Forests & Wetlands in the Colombian Orinoquia. These resources come from the Non-Incidence of the Carbon Tax.

Of the 510 Among the currently involved private properties in the projects, women have a representation of 40%, leading decision-making regarding the implementation of project activities.
The project developer promotes women's participation in a 70%, who direct the organization and lead the operation of the projects.

De los 510 predios vinculados a los proyectos de carbono, han sido declarados 30 predios como Reserva Natural de la Sociedad Civil (RNSC).
Diseño de Monitoreo Participativo de Biodiversidad para medir la biofonía, geofonía y antropofonía de la biodivesidad asociada en el área de los proyectos.