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Estrategia Biodiversidad, Carbono y Agua

Diciembre, 2023

En Colombia, las zonas rurales cubren una proporción sustancial de la tierra y contienen una parte importante de la biodiversidad, el carbono y los recursos hídricos del país. Para hacer frente a estos retos es necesario diseñar y aplicar una estrategia integral en las tierras privadas.

Además, pruebas recientes demuestran que la conservación de la biodiversidad, el secuestro de carbono y los recursos hídricos pueden ser beneficiosos para ambas partes. la conservación de la biodiversidad, el secuestro de carbono y el mantenimiento de la calidad del agua. del agua. Esta estrategia reconoce y aprovecha las sinergias e interacciones entre estos tres componentes de la conservación.

Why This Matters

The challenges of ecosystem degradation, climate change, and water scarcity are universal societal issues that require immediate and focused conservation efforts. Our strategy is particularly crucial for private lands in Colombia, which are vital for meeting international commitments on carbon management, drinking water, and biodiversity. The Biodiversity + Carbon and Water strategy includes private lands critical to meeting international commitments on carbon management, drinking water, and biodiversity. This strategy protects natural ecosystems and reduces the water footprint of food production while empowering landowners to actively participate in biodiversity conservation, sustainable natural resource management, and climate change mitigation.

The Importance of Private Lands and Global Conservation Areas
de conservación global

Our strategy takes into account global efforts to identify the most important areas for global conservation. According to Jung, et al., protecting 30% of the world's land can conserve 81.3% of the analyzed species. Furthermore, much of Colombia falls within the top 30% of priority areas for conservation, making it a key player in global conservation efforts. Leer mas…

In the Colombian context, 43,508,453 hectares fall within the top 30% of priority areas for global conservation. This represents 75.6% of all private land and 38.1% of the country's total land area."

  • Enhance Biodiversity: Protect and conserve regions essential for biodiversity and its contributions to humanity.
  • Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Mitigate the impact of climate change by focusing on carbon storage and management.
  • Reduce Water Footprints: Implement efficient water management and conservation activities to protect this invaluable resource.

Las estrategias a simple vista


Our strategy aims to protect habitats and ecosystems, ensuring the
the conservation of wildlife and flora on land. We focus on preventing land use change, restoring degraded cover, and managing solid waste on the properties. This is a call to action to preserve the very essence of life on Earth.


We believe in the power of technology and creativity to solve complex environmental issues. Our Innovation Strategy aims to develop nature-based solutions through science, technology, and innovation. We focus on formulating and developing research, development, and innovation projects for new products.


Water is the essence of life, and our strategy aims to protect this invaluable resource. We focus on efficient water management, wastewater treatment, and water conservation activities. Our goal is to implement water resource conservation activities in the development of climate change mitigation initiatives, all financially supported by a new water credits model.


Our Carbon Strategy aims to
The objective is to protect carbon reserves and
restaurar la cubierta vegetal afectada por las
We promote actions such as living fences, biological corridors, and agroforestry systems to mitigate the impact of human activities. Our strategy aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and enhance carbon storage.


Trust is the cornerstone of our
initiative. Our goal is to monetize the
environmental services and enhance the viability of conservation objectives. Our Trust Strategy focuses on raising awareness among the general public and establishing long-term agreements with landowners for conservation activities.

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