The Heart of What We Do

Fundación Cataruben es una organización sin ánimo de lucro ubicada en una de las regiones con mayor biodiversidad de sur america. Desarrollamos soluciones climáticas basadas en la naturaleza para conservar la biodiversidad, el agua y los ecosistemas estratégicos en esta región. Cataruben también cuenta con un Departamento de Investigación, Desarrollo Tecnológico e Innovación (I+D+i) que genera conocimiento sobre compensaciones de carbono.
The main services provided by Cataruben are the development of specialized consultancies in climate change mitigation, the quantification of GHG reductions and/or removals in the AFOLU sector, and the development of technological solutions aimed at improving the processes in the life cycle of a climate change mitigation project. Our experience and the work we have done over the years have allowed us to become a benchmark at the local, regional and national levels.


We develop nature-based solutions through science, technology and innovation by avoiding and removing GHG emissions, generating net biodiversity gains and reducing the water footprint in order to contribute to sustainable development goals.


In 2030 we will be recognized nationally for our sustainable, replicable, and innovative natural resource management model.

Promote conservation

Of water and biodiversity in strategic ecosystems within private properties.

Avoid and eliminate GHG emissions

From deforestation and the land use change in private properties in wetlands, grasslands, foothills, moors, Andean forests, and Andean hills of northern South America.

Economically Incentivize

An economic model that rewards farmers and owners for direct conservation activities and implementing sustainable practices.

A job with a human focus 

Cataruben has a human approach to sustainability and climate change mitigation. We implement natural climate solutions and grant most of the income to farmers who directly implement climate change mitigation activities. Through our focus, Cataruben has been able to improve the life quality of more than 300 families, eliminate 1.5 million tons of CO2EQ and avoid degradation, deforestation, and land use change in more than 200 thousand hectares of strategic natural ecosystems.

Our team

We offer a creative and innovative space for people who want to expand the limits of climate change mitigation projects and help communities. You will join a team, a team of people who help each other and grow together. Cataruben employees work at our modern headquarters in Yopal, Casanare. We celebrate our achievements, we help each other, we promote open communication and there are group activities and snacks!

This is what it’s like to work in Cataruben:

Our Team

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Maria Fernanda Wilches Fonseca


I lead an exceptional team that innovates to minimize the number of threatened species and maximize carbon sequestration while improving water quality regulation in northern South America.

Contact: [email protected]

Eduwin Hincapie Peñaloza

CBO (Chief Biodiversity Officer) 

Environmental business researcher specialized in carbon credits from natural ecosystems, the industrialization of nature-generated products such as butterflies, oils resins, and cocoa, and Data business development.

Contact: [email protected]

Viviana Casallas
International Relations Manager

I lead the international relations and marketing aspects of Cataruben, establishing and implementing strategies for brand recognition, and Cataruben’s products and services sales.

Contact: [email protected]

Yudi Sanabria

Antropologic Manager

I lead anthropological management through human resources and the implementation, monitoring, and constant improvement of our comprehensive management system.

Contact: [email protected]

Willian Barragan

IMDi Manager

I lead innovation, scientific research, and tech development in order to efficiently conserve through natural climate solutions. 

Contact: [email protected]

Patricia Luna

CAO (Chief Accounting Officer)

I lead accounting coordinating, analyzing, and controlling resource management for the analysis and decision-making of Cataruben’s operations. 

Contact: [email protected]

Sandra Duarte

Chief Operating Officer
Board Member


I lead the operational carbon strategies of different initiatives in natural ecosystems and agroecosystems in Northern South America.

Contact: [email protected]

Jhon Maldonado

CultivO2 initiative director


I lead CultivO2, an initiative that removes GHG through the implementation of low-carbon productive systems.

Contact: [email protected]

Shirley Rojas

Paramuno initiative manager
Board Member

I lead the Paramuno initiative which protects strategic high-mountain ecosystems.

Contact: [email protected]

Lisbeth Menjure

Co2Bio initiative director



I lead the climate change mitigation initiative Co2Bio which is developed in wetlands and gallery forests.

Contact: [email protected]

Jose Luis Rodriguez
OrinoCO2 initiative director


I lead the OrinocO2 initiative which seeks to preserve strategic natural ecosystems in the high plains of the Orinoquia region.

Contact: [email protected]

Laura Cristina Peña

Aramaco2 Initiative Director



I lead a project called ara maco2. This project seeks to strengthen the processes of biodiversity conservation in the Colombian Amazon, through the transfer of knowledge and support in the implementation of this model to local organizations and communities.

Contacto: aramaco2

Our policies

In order to meet the highest standards, needs, and expectations from our allies, our operations at Cataruben are based on the following policies. We invite you to get to know them.

Comprehensive management system (pdf) Descargar
Consumption prevention policy (pdf) Descargar
Road behavior policy (pdf) Descargar
Intellectual property policy (pdf) Descargar
Conflict of interest policy (pdf) Descargar
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Workplace harassment prevention policy (pdf) Descargar
Anti-Corruption and Anti-Bribery Policy (pdf) Descargar
Risk Management Policy (pdf) Descargar

We want to know about you too!

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